Dental Procedures:

We offer a wide variety of preventive and restorative dental procedures to establish and maintain your optimal dental health.

Cleanings (routine and deep)

As a focus of our dental hygiene program, regular cleanings are important to sustain healthy gums. Deep cleanings are done to greatly improve gum infections and remove excess build up.

Cosmetic fillings

To conservatively restore teeth that have cavities, tooth colored fillings are placed, providing strength and esthetics. Click here for Before & After pictures of Cosmetic Fillings.

Crown & Bridge

Crowns (“caps”) are placed on teeth that have large decay or weakened tooth structure, providing long-term strength and esthetics. Various materials may be used such as porcelain which matches natural teeth very well. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth to restore chewing function and esthetics. Click here for Before & After pictures of Dental Crowns or for Before & After pictures of Dental Bridge Work.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is done to alleviate pain associated with an infection or abscess of a tooth by removing the nerve and replacing with a rubber-like material to seal off the root.

Implant Crowns in Nacogdoches TX

In order to replace a missing tooth, an implant is placed and a crown attached to match the neighboring teeth. Click here for Before & After pictures of Dental Implant Crowns.

Teeth Whitening in Nacogdoches TX

To brighten your smile, whitening gel is placed in custom trays that are made specifically for your teeth.


If a tooth is unable to be saved, it can be safely removed in our office.

Dentures in Nacogdoches TX

To restore multiple or all missing teeth, dentures bring back the ability to chew and smile again. Click here for Before & After pictures of Custom Dentures.